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Clown Threats Backfire Down Under

Clown Threats Backfire Down Under

An attempt to terrorize Australians with threats of an impending invasion of creepy clowns appears to have backfired on the haunting harlequins.

In a truly bizarre chain of events, an anonymous individual behind a Facebook group known as 'Clown Purge Australia' warned residents of the country of a soon-to-be unleashed onslaught of miscreants in greasepaint and floppy shoes.

"We're coming back for you," said a posting on the site which claimed that "we have now reunited and have over 20,000 anonymous clowns over Australia."

The chilling message was enough to send the Australian media into a frenzy as they cautioned readers that a clown invasion could soon be underway.

In response to the ominous online post, many Australians vowed to fight any clowns that they happened to encounter and to vanquish them by any means necessary.

The reaction was similar to last year's attempts to terrify Australians by way of creepy clowns which failed when denizens of the Land Down Under turned the tables on them and formed posses to hunt the harlequins.

The media firestorm surrounding this year's threats as well as the undaunted attitude of Australians appears to have stunned the clowns and led to what seemed to be an attempt at making peace.

A subsequent post from the Facebook group simply said, "We don’t mean harm to anyone, we respect those that look overly-vulnerable and unstable as in elderly people and people with disabilities also younger kids."

And, in a somewhat hilarious reversal of fortune, the unnamed messenger then attempted to shame Australians for their anti-clown rhetoric, declaring, "you can stop with the toxicity now."

In light of how these recent events unfolded, it seems clear that, should another creepy clown crisis erupt, Australia would be a safe destination in which to escape as it looks to be the one place that the harlequins fear to tread.

Source: New York Times

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