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'Coded' Crop Circle Appears in UK

With crop circle season in the UK winding down, it would appear that the makers of the formations saved their best design for last: an eclipse-themed creation seemingly containing some kind of code.

The remarkable formation was found just a few days before this past Monday's total solar eclipse and seems to depict the breathtaking celestial event which captivated America.

Although the eclipse theme has appeared on a number of crop circles so far this season, this particular formation has garnered additional attention because it also contains a number of intriguing symbols.

Considering that the event was considered by many to be a harbinger of impending doom, the potential coded message shown being 'beamed' down from the eclipse has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists.

Some have suggested that the symbols could be Latin or Hebrew characters, while others have posited that they are musical in nature.

As of yet, no one has claimed to have decoded the 'message' which may be found in the formation, but one can assume that there are researchers currently studying the symbols in an attempt to decipher them.

Of course, skeptics who say that crop circles are entirely the work of mischievous humans will likely say that such an endeavor is a fool's errand.

And they might be correct, should the message be decoded and it's revealed to be a clever ad or even a joke, which is a scenario not entirely out of the realm of possibility and, in fact, could be the most likely outcome.

To that end, one would hope that, if the symbols do spell out some kind of dire warning about events to come, then the aliens who left them there would have written the message in a language we can read.

Do you have a theory for what the characters contained in the crop formation could mean? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Crop Circle Connector

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