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Colorado Hikers Startled by 'Bigfoot'

Hikers exploring a mountain trail in Colorado came upon a monstrous surprise in the form of an enormous Bigfoot cutout 'lurking' in the woods.

The nine-foot-tall depiction of the legendary cryptid was placed by a clever prankster along the Mineral Belt Trail in the city of Leadville.

Fortunately, despite giving those who initially encountered it a bit of a scare, most residents are fans of the faux Bigfoot which is apparently one of many that are hidden in the wilderness around the area.

The person behind the odd project has opted to remain anonymous, but told TV station WCNC that they created the 'creatures' with the intention of amusing those who find them.

So far that's been the case, but public sentiment may change if the city suddenly sees an influx of Bigfoot hunters who aren't in on the joke.

Source: WCNC

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