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Conspiracy Theorist's Mom Says He Was Murdered

Conspiracy Theorist's Mom Says He Was Murdered

The mother of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers says that she received a chilling, cryptic text from her son a few days before his mysterious death this past July.

Vanessa Bates revealed that Spiers, who was in Poland to give a presentation at a conspiracy conference, sent her a message saying, "Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate."

Shortly thereafter, Spiers was found dead in an apartment where he was staying for the trip, leading his mother to believe that, indeed, her son fallen victim to nefarious forces.

In an interview about her concerns, Bates did not mince words about her suspicion, declaring that, "I believe somebody's killed him."

Spiers rose to fame in the conspiracy community for his research into the clandestine government programs allegedly creating 'super soldiers.'

His death over the summer raised eyebrows because it happened soon after prominent Indian paranormal researcher, Gaurav Tiwari, also passed away.

While the possibility of the two events being connected still remains largely implausible, the claims from Spiers' mother are certainly worrisome.

Despite Polish authorities declaring that Spiers died of natural causes, Bates noted that no post-mortem examination was done on the body and that she has not been allowed access to any paperwork surrounding her son's death.

The grieving mother eventually gained possession of her son's body and has had just such an examination done, although Bates lamented that she has not received any results even though the tests were done months ago.

Whether that is in keeping with a conspiracy to have Spiers eliminated or simply a bureaucratic delay likely depends on what one believes was behind the researcher's demise.

Nevertheless, the text from the son to his mother indicate that Spiers believed he was in some kind of danger and, sadly, his premonition appears to have been all too correct.

The theory that fringe researchers have been murdered due to the nature of their work has long been a part of conspiracy and UFO lore.

For a recent example, Coast Insiders can check out the 3/2/2014 edition of C2C where disclosure activist Stephen Bassett discussed his concerns over a spate of prominent UFO researchers dying due to fast-acting cancers.

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Source: Mirror

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