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Construction of Giant ET-Hunting Telescope Done

The search for alien life will soon get a major boost as the Chinese government has finished construction of their enormous ET-hunting radio telescope.

At a cost of $180 million dollars, the massive telescope measures an astounding 1,640 feet in diameter, making it the largest such device in the world.

With the construction stage finished, Chinese scientists will begin testing the telescope to ensure that it is running properly and hope to begin operation of the device in earnest this September.

By virtue of its incredible size, the telescope will be able to detect extremely faint radio signals that otherwise would be missed by current technology here on Earth.

While many Chinese citizens were celebrating the completion of the project, it is surely bittersweet for the 9,000 people who once resided in the area but were forced to relocate by the government.

And although the powerful telescope boasts tremendous potential to possibly find evidence of aliens, one wonders if the Chinese government would actually reveal any discoveries should they 'hear' from ET.

Source: Daily Mail

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