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Cops Deflate 'Crocodile' Danger

Cops Deflate 'Crocodile' Danger

Police responding to calls about a crocodile lurking in a marsh near a highway in Canada likely felt a bit deflated when they arrived on the scene.

The Surrey, British Columbia RCMP posted a photo of the 'creature' on their Twitter feed and explained that, although it does resemble an out-of-place crocodile, any perceived danger was rather overblown.

That is because the 'croc' was, in fact, simply a commercial truck tire that had somehow been destroyed and found its way into the marsh.

Nonetheless, it has become somewhat of a hazard on the highway due to drivers who spot the oddity and then report it to police.

By revealing its true nature, authorities hope that residents can rest easy knowing that there is no crocodile lurking in their midst.

The weird series of sightings and their subsequent solution should serve as a lesson to all of us that, sometimes, a mind-blowing anomaly really is just a trick of light and shadow and not a case of high strangeness.

That said, if one happens to encounter what they think might be a crocodile, it's probably a good idea to stick with that assumption rather than thinking it's only trash "like that story from Canada" and wind up being eaten by the animal when you go to clean it up.

Source: CBC

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