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Cops in Chile Encounter Poltergeist!

Responding to what they thought was a routine call about a fire at a house, authorities in the Chilean city of Puerto Montt reportedly encountered a poltergeist terrorizing a family!

Upon their arrival at the property, the unsuspecting police were plunged into a paranormal maelstrom when the family revealed that there was no fire and, in fact, they were tormented by a ghost.

Probably in search of whatever the family was smoking, officers entered the home and were stunned when they witnessed an incredible series of strange events.

One official told a local media outlet that he first spotted a spatula moving on its own, but that was merely a prelude to something truly unsettling.

The officer claims that he cried out "the name of the devil" as he was leaving the house and was suddenly struck in the back by a knife that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Marveling that his bullet proof vest managed to save him from being injured, the shaken man told reporters that the experience was "like something out of a movie. It was incredible, at first we didn't believe it but being in that place ... it's incredible."

The family at the center of the case was eventually escorted out of the home by authorities and taken to stay somewhere else.

Whether the ominous 'presence' stays behind at the home or follows the family to their new location remains to be seen.

Taken on its own, the case is a rather textbook poltergeist tale, though the fact that the police were willing to detail their own experiences inside the home raises the noteworthiness of the story quite a bit.

Coast Insiders brave enough to want to learn more about poltergeists can check out the 6/6/2015 edition of the program featuring researcher and author Tony Healy talking about the infamous 'noisy ghosts.'

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Source: Daily Star / C2C listener Gonzalo A.

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