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Cops in Maine Arrest Creepy Clown Wielding a Machete!

Cops in Maine Arrest Creepy Clown Wielding a Machete!

Authorities in the town of Hollis, Maine made a rather unique arrest on Tuesday when they busted a creepy clown wielding a machete.

The strange incident began when residents spotted a rather ominous-looking individual clad in a clown mask and holding the worrisome weapon.

As creepy clowns are wont to do, the ne'er-do-well dashed off into the woods when he realized that his presence had perturbed witnesses.

However, Maine State Police were undaunted by the attempted getaway and eventually caught the clown emerging from the forest in a nearby town.

Revealed to be behind the mask was a man named Corey Berry, who told one officer that his antics were merely a prank.

Despite the man's claims that his clown-inspired stroll was all in good fun, authorities beg to differ and charged him with criminal threatening.

For those wondering what might possess someone to think it was a good idea to roam the streets in a clown mask while armed with a machete, the officer's observation that Berry was "very intoxicated" should answer your question.

Source: WCSH Portland

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