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Could Drone Farming Kill Crop Circles?

Could Drone Farming Kill Crop Circles?

With drone technology poised to become adopted by farmers, crop circle makers may be left with no place to hide.

Roboticists are currently working on a number of possible UAVs which could be used by farmers to better observe and understand their crops.

In turn, the constant surveillance of a farmer's fields will not only allow for agricultural advancements, but also possible insights into how crop circles are created.

Skeptics suggest that drones will finally put to rest the debate over the origins of the formations, since the UAVs would presumably capture humans creating the designs.

However, crop circle aficionados should not give up hope since, if the formations are a genuine paranormal phenomenon, drone surveillance may finally reveal how they are formed.

Irrespective of their origin, there's always the chance that crop circles will wither away once their clever creators, whether they are ETs or teens, realize they could be on camera.

Source: Inverse

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