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Could an English Werewolf be the Next Nessie?

Could an English Werewolf be the Next Nessie?

A paranormal investigator in Britain believes that the story of a legendary werewolf spotted in an English forest over the years could transform one county into a paranormal tourist destination.

The infamous 'Werewolf of Cannock Chase' has been a fixture of cryptozoological lore for decades as numerous witnesses claim to have encountered the bipedal canine.

"There have been many creditable people who have claimed to see the werewolf, including rangers, an ex-police officer, a good friend of mine who is a civil surveyor," researcher Damon Simms told the newspaper The Sentinel.

According to Simms, one tale surrounding the origins of the creature is that a boy sold his soul to the Devil for the ability to become a werewolf but became so overwhelmed by the experience that he committed suicide, causing the spirit of the entity to haunt the area.

In addition to allegedly being home to the fearsome beast, the notorious forest known as Cannock Chase has also been the site of several UFO sightings as well as other odd events such as appearances by Black Eyed Children.

Simms will soon start working with a production company in England to produce a TV series on the infamous creature which he hopes will raise the profile of Staffordshire, the county that the cryptid ostensibly calls home.

"I see the Werewolf of Cannock Chase as rather like a fantastic cash cow. I think it is Staffordshire's Nessie," Simms marveled to the newspaper The Sentinel, "and if you think how many people go to Loch Ness in Scotland because of the monster, it is incredible."

Whether Simms' forthcoming series will serve to turn Staffordshire into the 'next big thing' for paranormal thrill seekers remains to be seen, since venturing into a terrifying forest could be a tougher sell than lounging on a boat in the middle of Loch Ness.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the werewolf of Cannock Chase and other strange events reported in the area can check out author and Fortean researcher Nick Redfern's 10/28/2012 appearance on the program.

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Source: The Sentinel

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