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Couple Believes Baby's Sonogram Shows Jesus' Face

A Pennsylvania couple believes that their impending baby girl is being watched over by a divine force after a sonogram image of the child seemed to show Jesus' face.

Alicia Zeek says that she was astounded when she was given the photograph following the appointment and spotted a rather distinct visage looking at the baby.

"I blinked a lot, to kinda make sure I was really seeing it," she told TV station KPMT, "it looks like Jesus."

The father of the child, Zac Smith, is also convinced that the 'face' found in the photo is miraculous in nature.

"It almost brought tears to my eyes," he marveled, "I was speechless, I just couldn't believe it, I really didn't believe what I was seeing."

The heavenly-looking anomaly appears to have provided some comfort to the couple, who have been worried about their baby since Zeek's previous two children were born with complications.

However, the couple's doctor says that the soon-to-be born baby looks healthy, which they suspect could be thanks to the child's perceived spiritual companion.

Source: KPMT

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