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Couple Tormented by Phone Tracking App Error

Couple Tormented by Phone Tracking App Error

A couple living in the suburbs of Atlanta have been plagued by a spate of unwanted and angry visitors who are being directed to their home due a glitch from phone tracking apps.

Christina Lee and Michael Saba say that numerous people have visited their house looking for lost or stolen phones due to a technological anomaly which seemingly places the missing devices there.

So far, the couple have managed to diffuse the encounters by explaining the situation to the visitors and convincing them that they do not have their phones.

However, they're growing increasingly concerned that their luck may not last forever.

"My biggest fear is that someone dangerous or violent is going to visit our house because of this," Saba told Fusion.

On one unsettling occasion, police actually searched their home for a missing girl because the faulty finding from the phone-location software.

Experts admit to being flummoxed as to why this keeps happening to them, but speculate that flaws in GPS technology relying on cell towers or WiFi mapping could be to blame.

Much to the couple's chagrin, attempts to get help from local police as well as cell phone carriers and manufacturers have all failed to solve the problem.

They are now hoping that media attention and pressure on the FCC can help put a stop to the ongoing annoyance.

Until then, it looks like the couple will have to keep dealing with aggrieved former cell phone owners looking to get back to their game of Candy Crush.

Source: Fusion

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