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'Crashed UFO' in Colombia Came From Google

'Crashed UFO' in Colombia Came From Google

An 'unidentified falling object' that crashed to the ground in a Colombian village earlier this week has been identified as a Google balloon.

The odd incident sparked a brief frenzy among residents who were baffled by the odd-looking device that had fallen from the sky.

Some even suspected that the oddity may have come from outer space and was a genuine alien craft, while others presumed it was some kind of satellite.

However an investigation by Colombian police determined that the 'UFO' was actually an Internet-boosting device, kept in the sky via a balloon, designed to improve web access for people living in remote areas.

The crash landing is somewhat poetic in the sense that weather balloons had long been an answer from skeptics to explain UFO sightings and it appears the modern version of that may be Google balloons.

What the contemporary equivalent for 'swamp gas' might be is anyone's guess.

Source: BBC News

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