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Creepy Clown Arrested for Murder!

Creepy Clown Arrested for Murder!

For the first time since entering the zeitgeist last summer, the creepy clown phenomenon may have gone from merely menacing to outright murderous.

According to authorities in Denver, a man clad in black and white clown makeup fatally stabbed another man early Tuesday morning possibly using a glove fashioned with knives on its fingers!

Witnesses told police that the haunting harlequin got into a confrontation with the victim which escalated when the clown swiped at the man with his Freddy Kreuger-esque weapon.

The showdown ultimately led to some kind of tussle wherein the clown is accused of stabbing the man in the throat, leading to his demise.

Despite subsequently fleeing the scene on a scooter, cops eventually caught up to the clown, who they spotted tossing a bloody knife into the bushes, and took him into custody.

The man beneath the greasepaint, Christian Lee Gulzow, told investigators that he was simply trying to reclaim his scooter from the victim, who he claims stole it from him.

As to how the man wound up stabbed, Gulzow theorized to police that the injury accidentally occurred when they were fighting, but conceded that he may have inadvertently stabbed the victim with his wicked glove.

Denver police clearly did not believe Gulzow's version of events as he has been charged with first degree murder.

One can only hope this was an isolated case of 'death by clown' and not a sign that the weird phenomenon is not evolving into something truly sinister.

Source: Denver Post

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