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'Creepy Clown' Seen Lurking in Green Bay

'Creepy Clown' Seen Lurking in Green Bay

Residents of Green Bay, Wisconsin have an unnerving visitor to their city in the form of a creepy clown spotted roaming the streets late at night.

Dubbed 'Gags the Clown,' the unsettling harlequin was first seen early Monday morning sporting a ragged costume and carrying black balloons as if to emphasis his affiliation with evil.

One theory surrounding the sudden appearance of Gags is that he is part of a horror film being made in Green Bay, although no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for his presence yet.

That said, there does appear to be some kind of social media manipulation at work as the initial sighting of Gags immediately spawned a Facebook page devoted to the entity.

Whether he is merely a character from a film, a prankster looking for attention, or a deranged individual out for a late night stroll remains to be seen.

Regardless of his origins, it's a safe bet that anyone who encounters Gags in the dead of night will find the experience to be no laughing matter.

Source: WBAY

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