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Creepy 'Ghost Children' Allegedly Haunt English Home

Creepy 'Ghost Children' Allegedly Haunt English Home

A woman in England says that her family's home is being haunted by a particularly unnerving pair of spirits: two 'ghost children.'

According to Merryn Tuner, the family first noticing something amiss about a week after they moved into the house a few months ago and began hearing what sounded like muffled conversations on the second floor when no one was there.

However, things took a more eerie turn when her partner seemingly heard children singing while all of the family's kids were fast asleep.

Beyond the odd noises, it would appear that the apparitions have a mischievous streak as books have been found inexplicably knocked off of tables and the family's cat was once locked in a utility room.

But perhaps the most unsettling experience was when Tuner was sleeping one night and thought she heard her daughter get out of bed and approach her room.

The mom claims that she subsequently heard a knock at the bedroom door, but there was no one there when she opened it.

And, in a moment that would likely make most people run screaming from the house, Tuner checked on her daughter and saw she was asleep, but then heard 'someone' whisper, "mummy."

Despite these chilling events, Tuner and her family plan to stay in the house, although they plan to enlist the help of "someone professional" should the odd activity continue or get worse.

Who, exactly, that would be remains undetermined, but we wish them luck in dealing with what sounds like a truly creepy haunting case.

Source: Cornwall Live

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