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Creepy Moth Horrifies the Internet

Footage of a creepy-looking species of moth has spread like wildfire online with viewers aghast at the insect's monstrous appearance.

The jaw-dropping creature possesses what appears to be the normal body of a moth, but also features a posterior that sports several hairy tentacles which pulsate in a rather unnerving fashion.

Posted online by a man in Indonesia, the video of the eerie insect has become somewhat of a viral sensation, being shared over a hundred thousand times in just a few days.

Thankfully, the identity of the insect is no mystery to entomologists, who say that the moth seen in the footage is known as a Creatonotos gangis.

According to the experts, the bewildering bug can be found in various parts of southeast Asia as well as Australia, although we're guessing, thanks to its fifteen minutes of fame, the moth is now appearing in nightmares around the world as well.

Source: TheWest.com.au

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