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Creepy Search Engine Finds Unprotected Webcams

Creepy Search Engine Finds Unprotected Webcams

An unsettling search engine feature on a website designed for cybersecurity experts is causing concern because it allows for users to spot unattended webcams and even control them.

Known as Shodan, the website searches for any accessible devices which are hooked up to the Internet.

Envisioned as a way to allow for companies to track devices being used at their offices, it eventually became a favorite destination for people with nefarious intentions as well.

Recently, the site began including screen grabs of any unattended webcams it picks up during a search, opening the floodgates for voyeurs and ne'er-do-wells looking to satiate their prying eyes.

Users who have explored this new search function have uncovered a myriad of unprotected video feeds which are seemingly available for anyone online to watch and, in some instances, control.

Baby monitors, security cameras, and personal webcams are among the devices which can be easily exploited using the site.

Experts stress that the search engine underscores the need for people to password protect their devices lest they wind up an unwitting star in a surreptitious show for unsavory characters.

Source: Vocativ

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