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Crowdsourced '9/11 Redux' Gets Nixed

Crowdsourced '9/11 Redux' Gets Nixed

The American entrepreneur with aspirations to 'recreate 9/11' has seen his audacious plans dashed after his crowdsourcing campaign was terminated.

Website IndieGoGo shut down Paul Salo's campaign and refunded all prior donations after his strange proposal to fly a disused jet into a skyscraper made headlines earlier in the week.

On Facebook, Salo suggested a nefarious motivation for the crowdsourcing site's decision, since his campaign had been running for a week without a problem before it made worldwide news.

Despite Salo's contention that he is not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, the sudden cessation of the crowdsourced campaign will likely be cited by those that are part of the proverbial 'Truth Movement' as further proof of a cover-up.

Nonetheless, the would-be mythbuster had a positive outlook on the recent turn of events, since the publicity generated over the last week allegedly caught the interest of potential investors for the project.

And that may have been the ultimate goal behind the campaign, since the actual crowd sourcing aspect seemed to have been a bust.

After about one week online, the '9/11 Redux' campaign only netted a mere $441 dollars from 19 total donors.

That's bad news for anyone wondering how such an outlandish project would unfold, but good news for anyone still looking to snag one of those $5,000 front row seats, since apparently tickets are still available.

Source: NY Mag

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