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David Wilcock Chat Excerpts

David Wilcock Chat Excerpts

Researcher and intuitive consultant David Wilcock(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat for one hour on Thursday. The fascinating discussion touched on such topics as 2012, ascension, galactic changes and UFOs. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

country girl
David, what does our future look like?

David Wilcock
I do not see a negative future. Originally I was not 'into' 2012 per se.What happened is as I kept moving forward I saw so much information that pointed in that direction, I was left with the feeling that we are heading into a profoundly POSITIVE shift in consciousness.There is a lot of information I can't yet go public with that we're putting into CONVERGENCE: The Movie.
The gist of it is that this science of consciousness proves that we are evolving as a species, creating greater telepathic interconnectedness.The material I've delved into is quite esoteric, as many of you know.The Law of One series was channeled in 1981 and I did not start out believing in channeled material, but this validated many other forms of research I had already seen.
So, when I speak about the future, you should understand that I consider this Law of One philosophy as factual.That being stated, the time period of 2011-2013 was actually given as an event where the entire planet moves through an incredible quantum leap, as they call it.On the soul level we actually go through a 'life review' of ALL our past lives, and distill them down into a single vibration. However there are many intermediate steps before we get to that point.

nut case
Hello - about consciousness - does it survive death? I am particularly interested in this because of my Mother's death. I am desperate to believe I will be with her again.

David Wilcock
Yes, it does, and in the film we have science that proves this, which is controversial to say the least. No one is ever lost. They only shift in frequency. In fact after my cat Mandy died, she came to me in a dream as a human being. Animals that are pets can 'graduate' to become human in a future life. Such is the progression of soul.

What film are you talking about?

David Wilcock
CONVERGENCE is our Hollywood film that we now expect will be out at the end of next year. I am working with top Hollywood people and we're going to do a dramatic adaptation of the scientific material I originally assembled into a documentary script. The real trick now is crafting a story around the material that is as powerful as the original scientific documentary was. We're getting closer all the time and are actually having a lot of wonderful developments right now.

You mention on your website that Venus and Saturn's moon Io glow--is this an abnormal state and if not, what causes this and is the Earth possibly going to take on this same characteristic?

David Wilcock
The Earth already has. They are called noctilucent clouds. Look it up! This is caused by an excess of energetic plasma in the galactic space we're moving into - a 300-percent increase in dust. This is totally in keeping with what the 50s channeling was saying. Now we know it's true. So the Sun spits out the extra energy it takes in from the Galaxy, and that in turn causes abnormal plasma flux in the planets. The Earth's clouds are becoming noticeably brighter from space and we have astronauts commenting on this. Another study came out recently about it. All of this interrelates to energy that is accelerating our consciousness as well.

What you will happen in 2012, in your opinion?

David Wilcock
As you might have heard on the show with George, I met a guy named 'Daniel' who said he worked on a government project involving the seat from a UFO that they were reverse-engineering. The UFO occupant merely thought where - and when - she wanted to go and then a vortex opened up that the UFO would fly through to take her there. They reverse-engineered this in what was called "Phoenix III," which most people call Montauk. I thought all this was hooey until I spoke to Daniel in great detail.
I have heard a lot of things that are NOT in the books publicly, plus he also refuted most of what the books say after the first volume as being incorrect. This does relate to 2012, as I said on the show - you can see the transcript on my website, www.divinecosmos.com. Apparently there was a sine wave that had a 20-year duration from the Earth's natural energy fields. This was how you would tell where someone was in time. You could plot out precisely where they went this way.
The chair gave out many wavelengths simultaneously. When the person hit December 21, 2012, all the wavelengths went flatline. They would experience what they called the "Full Out," an ecstatic merger with cosmic consciousness. No sense of time. Then after that, anything they saw seemed subjective and related to their expectations. So, I do feel 2012 amounts to a knot in time. It is actually a probability field in which all probabilities coalesce into singularity. You could also call it a dimensional shift and not be off. If I had not met this guy myself, and spoken extensively with him, I would not believe it. I am a skeptic, as crazy as my material sounds. Everything has come from diligent reflection and work.

1. http://www.divinecosmos.com/
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
3. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2007-07-19.html

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