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DeLonge's UFO Quest Continues

DeLonge's UFO Quest Continues

Blink 182 co-founder Tom DeLonge continues searching for answers to the UFO mystery despite some unexpected setbacks that have come up along the way.

C2C's George Knapp recently provided an update on DeLonge's work in an I-Team report for KLAS which details some of the challenges the rock star has faced since revealing his investigation into UFOs.

Although he was given an award earlier this year for his work looking into the phenomenon, DeLonge has also had to contend with the cloistered world of UFO research, where his arrival into the field has been met with suspicion and scorn.

Additionally, the October WikiLeaks release of John Podesta emails apparently stunned the insiders who were working with DeLonge in pursuit of UFO disclosure, especially since some of their names had been contained in the files.

This unfortunate turn of events seemingly disrupted what had been DeLonge's plans for a mysterious announcement ostensibly concerning UFOs earlier this year.

And although it may appear to some that the DeLonge has stepped back from the world of UFOs, the musician continues to tease on Twitter that something is afoot concerning the enigmatic phenomenon with this summer potentially being the time when the long-awaited announcement could take place.

Check out the full KLAS I-Team report from George Knapp here.

Coast Insiders can also take a deep dive into the DeLonge UFO story by checking out his 2/26/2017 appearance on the program.

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