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'Dead Body' Prompts Call to Cops

A remarkably realistic Halloween decoration at a home in Tennessee proved to be too believable after one resident reported the 'dead body' to 911.

"There's a guy laying in his driveway, with two big bloody handprints on side of the house," declared the concerned caller, "it looks like he was dead. I don't know."

The nature of the reported incident prompted several officers to swarm the house, thinking that they were about to encounter a truly gruesome scene.

However, they soon realized that the 'corpse' was nothing more than a clever creation consisting of some stuffed clothes.

Fortunately for the Halloween-loving homeowner, the police had a sense of humor about the situation.

In fact, the Greeneville County Sheriff's Department shared a picture of the 'body' on their Facebook page, telling residents not to call 911 about the spooky scene and to "instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display."

Source: WJHL

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