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Dead Grasshopper Discovered in Van Gogh Painting

An examination of Van Gogh works at a Kansas City museum yielded a surprising find when one worker spotted the body of a grasshopper embedded in one of the legendary artist's paintings.

The dead bug, which has seemingly been hiding in plain sight for over a century, was noticed by a conservator named Mary Schafer when she was taking a magnified look at a painting titled 'Olive Trees.'

Much to her surprise, the amplified look at the artwork revealed the remains of a grasshopper that had seemingly gotten stuck in the paint as the work was being created.

According to art experts, the newfound grasshopper is a remarkable example of Van Gogh's painting process which saw the artist often working outdoors.

This somewhat unorthodox method resulted in a number of natural elements, like dust and other insects, finding their way onto the painter's canvas as he worked.

Unfortunately for art or insect aficionados hoping to catch a glimpse of the grasshopper during a visit to the museum, its tiny nature makes the bug rather difficult to discern without the aid of a magnifying glass.

Source: Kansas City Star

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