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Dead Man Elected to Office in CA City

Dead Man Elected to Office in CA City

In one of the stranger results from Tuesday's election, a California man was elected city treasurer despite dying over a month ago!

Gary Ernst passed away on September 23rd in the midst of his campaign for the office in the city of Oceanside.

However, since ballots had already been printed for the upcoming election, Ernst remained an option for voters.

And the fact that Ernst was no longer among the living apparently did not dissuade his would-be constituents, who helped him defeat his opponent Nadine Scott by over 2,000 votes.

Scott claims that voters were never told that Ernst had died weeks earlier, which may be the case, but certainly doesn't alleviate the sting of losing to a dead man.

Since Ernst cannot fulfill his newly elected role without the help of a psychic medium or Ouija board, city officials must decide to either appoint someone for the job or hold a special election.

Source: NBC San Diego

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