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Deadly Kiss of the Black Widow Queen

Deadly Kiss of the Black Widow Queen

A female serial killer named Belle Gunness may have been the deadliest black widow of them all!

ID Channel's "True Nightmares" host and creator Todd Robbins told C2C that during the turn of the last century, a cold blooded woman named Belle Gunness killed multiple husbands and lovers for sheer unadulterated profit.

Among other things, Belle often poisoned her victims. "She was very much a Black Widow murderer," he told George.

"One of her husbands died from mysterious causes on the day one insurance policy was expiring and another one was starting. It was the day the insurance policies overlapped. Coincidence? I think not." "She then took that money and bought a hog farm."

She began placing "lonely hearts notices" in newspapers, offering a "widow with means – a farm owner looking for gentleman of means looking to combine our fortunes and live a comfortable life."

"So all these sad sack guys would show up with money in hand. And she had a farmhand who worked for her that was in love with her. And she just played him like a puppet," Robbins said. "The guys showed up and within a day or two were gone. And the pigs were very well fed."

It was estimated that Belle had murdered between 40-50 men but when people started asking question she concocted a plan. Telling her love sick farmhand they would run off and get married "after this one last deed", Belle set her diabolical plan in motion.

"The house would be set on fire. They took a housekeeper and decapitated her. And then Belle pulled out her own teeth and left it next to the body as they torched the farm."

"So when they found the body, there's no head. But the teeth were found so everyone thought she was dead."

"What the farmhand didn't know," Robbins said, "is that a few days before Belle went to the sheriff and double crossed him - and framed him for the murders!"

For the full compelling interview with Todd Robbins click here.

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