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'Demon Tree' Spotted at Cemetery

While taking a walk on the morning after a treacherous thunderstorm, a St. Louis man was stunned to discover a tree burning from the inside out.

The remarkable scene, captured on film by witness Jim Probst, was made all the more eerie due to its setting: a graveyard.

The rather haunting sight of a smoldering tree burst open from inside and billowing smoke amidst the lonely tombstones around it led to the video going viral.

Experts, of course, say that the weird fire was not, in fact, a portal to the underworld and that the tree exploded because moisture contained within it was rapidly heated up by a lightning strike.

The scientific explanation has not stopped a few observers from claiming that they can see demonic faces lurking in the flames, which is hopefully more the product of paradelia rather than the paranormal.

For his part, Probst told CNN that the furor over the footage has actually been more "more shocking" than actually seeing the burning tree in the first place.

Source: Mirror

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