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'Demons' Delight in German Festival

'Demons' Delight in German Festival

Residents of the German town of Waldkirchen took the streets on Thursday evening to celebrate a strange annual festival aimed at ridding their village of mischievous spirits.

Known as 'Rauhnact' or 'night of smoke,' the 18th century tradition has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Revelers celebrating the odd holiday don costumes depicting a demonic entity known as a 'Perchten' and parade throughout the town.

Generally taking place between Christmas and the first week of the new year, the tradition is derived from the idea that the holiday season conjures nefarious spirits that must be expunged in the new year.

One popular method that some Germans use to fend off these spirits is to fill their house with smoke, hence the moniker 'night of smoke.'

Check out an array of photos from this year's Rauhnact festival at The Sun.

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