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Did CIA Frame UFO Whistleblower for Murder?

Did CIA Frame UFO Whistleblower for Murder?

The wife of a man serving a life sentence for murder claims his only crime was knowing too much about a battle between humans and aliens in a secret underground base and that the CIA took devious steps to silence him.

Jo Ann Richards contends that her husband, Mark, was poised to tell the world about his role in clandestine projects involving various world governments and aliens back in 1982.

Specifically, she says, he was going to divulge how he served as a squadron leader in the apocryphal battle between humans and ETs in an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico.

But before he was able to blow the whistle on the ET conspiracy, she alleges, police suddenly arrested him for the grisly murder of an acquaintance.

Despite declaring his innocence, police found a plethora of evidence suggesting that Richards had a role in the slaying.

After one of his suspected accomplices was granted immunity and testified against him, Richards' fate was sealed and he was subsequently sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Insisting that he had nothing to do with the murder, Richards has concluded that he was the victim of a CIA conspiracy to frame him and eliminate him as a threat to the Cosmic Watergate.

Unfortunately for advocates of Richards' freedom, skeptics see a number of issues with his tale that cast doubt on its veracity.

They note that Richards only began making the CIA conspiracy claims in 1997, a full fifteen years after the murder, and a search for records to verify his past military service has yielded nothing.

Additionally, doubters note that, by virtue of his contemporary claims, the CIA did not, in fact, silence him from sharing UFO secrets and that he appears to be able to reveal to the public quite easily.

Regardless of these arguments, Jo Ann Richards is certain that her husband's story is true and that he is paying the price for attempting to expose the UFO conspiracy.

Whether that proves to be the case or not, the story is certainly a amazing tale and would definitely make for a fantastic episode of Dateline.

Source: Express

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