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Did Edgar Cayce Predict Global Warming Effects?

Did Edgar Cayce Predict Global Warming Effects?

American visionary and prophet Edgar Cayce may have predicted the effects of global warning more than 70 years ago.

Researcher Kirk Nelson told C2C that he had long been fascinated with the legacy of the renowned "sleeping prophet" psychic Edgar Cayce who died in 1945.

Cayce's abilities were so remarkable, Nelson told George, that "he had the ability to go into a trance" and provided only with the name and address of an individual, Cayce "could give them a psychic medical diagnosis that was accurate" and in some cases, better than doctors.

Several of Cayce's preventive health suggestions were also far in advance of what modern medicine later confirmed, Nelson said.

While many of Cayce's predictions mirrored prophecies found in the Bible, he appears to be clairvoyant when it came to the changing shape of the Earth's landscape due to the effects of global warming.

Nelson said that Cayce had predicted a major pole shift.

"He said that this would begin in the period of 1958 to 1998. And then he went on to describe a series of Earth changes that involved Florida being under water," as well as other southern states.

Cayce also predicted "that the coast lines of many nations would disappear", Nelson told C2C, adding that "this very much paralleled global warming" including the startling rise in sea levels.

"In fact, in some readings, it would be a gradual not a cataclysmic change during this period."

"And, of course, from 1958 to 1998, 40 percent of the north polar ice caps melted during that period," Nelson stated.

Cayce's trance readings also described additional environmental upheaval that may have spurred rising sea levels attributed to global warming.

According to Nelson, Cayce predicted that this may be due to an axis shift generated by a flux in the Earth's magnetic fields between the North and South poles.

"What happens when you have a magnetic pole shift is that the magnetic field around the Earth drops to zero and then the poles reverse polarities," he said.

And, scientists say, this is happening now, Nelson told George.

"Recently, the magnetic field of the Earth has begun to decay at a much faster rate than scientists realized. They don't have a timetable because we've never experienced this before in human history."

For the full fascinating interview with Kirk Nelson and to learn more about Edgar Cayce's predictions Click Here.

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