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Did Stonehenge Once Have a Roof?

Did Stonehenge Once Have a Roof?

An architect in England has proposed a bold new theory that Stonehenge was once a two-story structure that boasted a massive roof.

Sarah Ewbank spent the last year researching the ancient monument and applying her architectural background to the site to determine what its purpose and form once might have been.

She has concluded, based on the layout of the stones, that they were used as support structures for a massive wooden frame that featured a second story for the site as well as an enormous round roof.

Ewbank argues that a roof at the monument would allow for it to have been used throughout the year which, she believes, makes more sense that it simply being a religious site used on special occasions.

"Why would you move 75 large stones just so you could dance around twice a year? If you put a roof on it you can use it all year," she told the Salisbury Journal.

Having painstakingly created a model of this proposed version of Stonehenge, Ewbank marveled that "I haven't had to push one stone out of place. I have just taken all the standing stones and it all fits."

As to what became of this giant addition to the stone monument, she proposed that the wood was simply pilfered by advantageous denizens of the area over time and, in turn, lost to history.

Source: Salisbury Journal

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