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Did This Iceberg Sink The Titanic?

Did This Iceberg Sink The Titanic?

An ominous photo depicting what might be the iceberg that sunk the Titanic in 1912 is up for sale.

Henry Aldridge & Son is auctioning the rare photograph which is said to fetch upwards of $15,000 when it hits the block.

The chief steward aboard the Hamburg America Line ocean liner Prinz Adalbert photographed the formation the morning of April 15, 1912.

The Titanic struck an iceberg nearly two hours later in a disaster that claimed more than 15,000 lives.

"On the day after the sinking of the Titanic, the steamer Prinz Adalbert passes the iceberg shown in this photograph," the document accompanying the photo reads. "The Titanic disaster was not yet known by us. On one side red paint was plainly visible, which has the appearance of having been made by the scraping of a vessel on the iceberg."

The document, which was authenticated, is signed by the chief steward and three other crewmen of the SS Prinz Adalbert Hamburg America Line.

"While other photos of the iceberg exist, the note makes this one particularly intriguing," Henry Aldridge & Son Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told FoxNews.com.

"By its very nature, no one can say beyond reasonable doubt that it is the iceberg, but what is really fascinating is its provenance…having a copy of the note from the chief steward.”

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