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Distant New Planet Discovered?

Distant New Planet Discovered?

Astronomers at Caltech have announced the possible discovery of a giant new planet in the far reaches of our solar system.

Dubbed 'Planet Nine,' the new world was discovered by studying the odd orbits of objects found in the Kuiper Belt.

Using mathematical models, researchers realized that the presence of a large, previously unknown planet seemingly solved the riddle of these objects' behavior as well a number of other space mysteries.

This new planet, they say, should be around three times larger than Earth and have a 20,000 year orbit around the sun, placing it far beyond even Pluto in our solar system.

Although the planet appears to exist on paper, observing it is another challenge altogether.

Since scientists have no idea where the planet currently resides in space and its vast distance from Earth would make it very dim, it may take a while before the elusive world can be seen with a telescope.

However with an understanding of what its orbit should be, astronomers have already begun searching for the planet in the hopes of officially documenting its place in our solar system.

If the presence of the planet can be confirmed, it would constitute a landmark discovery after decades of similar previous planetary claims came up short.

The discovery will also likely cause a stir in the esoteric community, where the fabled Planet X has long held a place in paranormal lore, whether it be as a harbinger of apocalyptic doom or the home of ETs who populated Earth.

Source: National Geographic

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