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Do You Want This 'Haunted' Doll?

Do You Want This 'Haunted' Doll?

An unsettling and allegedly haunted doll is apparently being given away for free on Craigslist by someone in the Orlando area.

Discovered online by the Orlando Weekly, the odd posting comes with an appropriately unnerving backstory for the purportedly haunted doll.

According to the ad, the toy contains the spirit of a little boy from Texas named Herbie who died from neglect.

Herbie's current caregiver goes on to say that the spirit likes watching cartoons and playing with electronics.

As to why Herbie is suddenly up for adoption, the poster explains that his work schedule is so busy that he no longer has time to spend with the, no doubt, lonely haunted doll.

The Craigslist ad closes with a chilling and somewhat poetic final line: "Whoever wants him, he is free."

We are almost certain that more than one curious person will attempt to obtain Herbie, but there may be an even more appropriate place to ship the haunted doll.

Perhaps he would feel at home in Key West, where the infamous Robert the Doll resides, because then Herbie could finally have a fellow ghostly friend.

Coast Insiders can learn more about Robert the Doll and the legend that surrounds him can check out Joshua Warren's 8/10/2010 appearance on the program.

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Source: Orlando Weekly

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