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Doctors Stumped by UK Girl's Constant Sneezing

Doctors Stumped by UK Girl's Constant Sneezing

Doctors in the UK are baffled by a nine-year-old girl's mystery illness that has caused the child to sneeze an astounding 8,000 times a day!

Ira Saxena's strange condition began three weeks ago, when she inexplicably started sneezing an incredible ten times a minute.

As one might expect, the ailment has quickly disrupted her life, forcing the child to stop attending school and ceasing any recreational activities.

Making matters even more maddening, doctors are flummoxed by what may be causing the condition.

A variety of medications and allergy tests have proven futile in stopping the incessant sneezes.

According to Saxena's mother, the young girl only stops sneezing when she is asleep and, upon waking up in the morning, the frustrating condition reemerges once again.

A visit to a hyponotherapist offered Saxena a brief respite from the sneezing and her family is now looking at other potential alternative health solutions as a way of relieving her of the condition.

Doctors speculate that the ailment may be caused by disruption in Saxena's brain signals, but that is merely a theory since they have exhausted every other possible source for the situation.

Hopefully a cure for the condition can be found soon, lest poor Saxena spends her whole summer sneezing the days away.

Source: Daily Mail

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