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Dowsing Dad Finds Ice Age Animal

A California man teaching his son the esoteric art of dowsing discovered the remains of an animal that experts say could be from the planet's last ice age!

Using a dowsing rod fashioned from two wire coat hangers, Gary Braithwaite explored the backyard of his son's home in the hopes of locating the property's sprinkler system.

When they felt a hit on the rudimentary dowsing device, Braithwaite first believed it may have been a meteorite, based on how the rod reacted.

However, the find was far more wondrous than that as the pair unearthed an intriguing array of bones from a four-foot deep hole they had dug.

An expert on paleontology at nearby UC Riverside theorized that, based on the location the remains were found, the bones may date as far back as Earth's last ice age around 12,000 years ago.

Initially suspected of being a bobcat, it is now believed that the bones are from some kind of canine.

Students from the college are planning to visit the backyard in the hopes of seeing if there are any other interesting ancient items to be found.

This may be good news for Braithwaite's son, since perhaps they can help decipher the mystery of that sprinkler system.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the art of dowsing can check out dowser Raymon Grace's 2/18/2016 appearance on the program.

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Source: Hamilton Spectator

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