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Dozens of Birds Mysteriously Die in Massachusetts

Wildlife officials in Massachusetts are baffled by a bizarre incident which saw dozens of dead and sick birds fall from the sky in the city of Dorchester.

An astounding 47 birds littered the ground in the neighborhood where the strange event took place on Thursday.

Fortunately some of the birds were able to be saved, but a whopping 32 of the downed animals perished.

An animal rescue worker who responded to the incident described a gruesome scene as sickened birds struggled to fly and eventually plummeted to the ground.

One odd aspect of the story is that only one specific species of birds, that being grackles, appear to have been affected by whatever caused the event to unfold.

As of now, officials have no explanation for what might have caused the unsettling event and are exploring a variety of possibilities.

Among the theories proposed include some kind of virus, an accidental poisoning via incorrect food being used in bird feeders as well as a more darker hypothesis which suggests that the animals were intentionally targeted.

Some have even connected the bird deaths to the demise of a pair of cats from the area that also suddenly passed away on the same day.

The owner of the one of those fallen felines lamented to New England Cable News that, "It's unbelievable. Something is happening, but I don't know, but I'm without a cat."

Authorities plan to test the downed birds as well as the cats in an attempt to determine if there is a connection between their collective deaths.

For now, they believe the unexplained event poses no threat to humans but caution area pet owners to be mindful of what their animals may be eating until the mystery can be solved.

Source: New England Cable News

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