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Drone Show Bewilders Witnesses

People in the California city of Folsom found themselves wondering what exactly they were watching on Wednesday night when an elaborate illuminated drone show erupted in the night sky.

Bewildered residents could not believe their eyes as hundreds of the glowing UAVs performed elaborate maneuvers above their heads.

"I was a little scared," one observer told TV station CBS Sacramento, "because I didn't know what it could be."

Another witness who watched alongside her and filmed the scene with his cell phone jokingly declared that "there's aliens here!"

Fortunately any fears that the display was a message from aliens can be safely discarded as the light show turned out to have a terrestrial origin.

The incredible display actually came from computer company Intel which was testing their amazing drone technology where a jaw-dropping 500 glowing UAVs perform choreographed 'dances' in the sky for events like the Super Bowl.

So while unaware witnesses did not experience a once-in-a-lifetime UFO event, they did get a free show that normally would have come with a hefty ticket price.

Source: CBS Sacramento

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