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Drone Smashes Into Space Needle

A recent video from a drone filming Seattle's famed Space Needle inadvertently captures the startling perspective of the UAV flying uncontrollably towards the attraction and crashing into it!

The incident occurred on New Year's Eve shortly before the city celebrated the night with fireworks launched from the beloved landmark.

The riveting video begins innocently with breathtaking views of the Space Needle from a truly unique point of view.

However things go awry around two minutes into the video when the drone begins flying towards the top of the tower at an increasing speed.

For the viewer, it's rather unnerving to be in the virtual pilot's seat as the drone speeds into the Needle and smashes into it.

In an oddly poetic conclusion to the film, the camera continues filming after the crash, but the scene has changed from the previously awe-inspiring view of the Needle to now simply the shoes of technicians atop the roof coming over to look at the downed drone.

As one might expect, authorities are now investigating the case and may press charges against the pilot if that person can be located.

While the footage is undoubtedly amazing, it's also a worrisome and chilling glimpse of the potential havoc which could be unleashed via a drone controlled by someone with bad intentions.

Given the proliferation of drones over the last few years, a major disaster or attack involving one of the aircraft seems almost inevitable.

And that's some stunning footage that no one wants to see.

Source: KomoNews

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