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Dust Storm Dubbed 'Divine Intervention'

A monstrous dust storm that erupted on the border of Israel and Syria is being seen by some as a message from God.

The frightening weather phenomenon appeared last week at a place along the border where Israeli forces had clashed with ISIS fighters back in November.

Witnesses to the storm claim that the enormous cloud of dust never crossed the Israeli border and hovered over the Syrian side of the divide like an ominous message.

And, indeed, that is how it is being interpreted by some observers, who suggest that the dust storm was an indication that God is protecting Israel from its enemies.

However, since dust storms are a natural occurrence, skeptics say that it was simply a typical weather event for the desert climate and nothing out of the ordinary or supernatural.

While that may be the case, the question of who or what originally conjured the storm likely comes down to a matter of faith.

Coast Insiders can hear miraculous tales of divine intervention shared by author Daniel Fazzina on the 12/20/2014 edition of the program.

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Source: The Sun

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