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EMP Grid Meltdown Could Destroy America

EMP Grid Meltdown Could Destroy America

As concerns mount about an EMP generated grid meltdown either from a massive solar flare or a first strike missile attack, the question remains: how will America endure?

Fortschen told George that there is a "100 percent chance statistically" that a major super-solar flare may happen within either our or our children's lifetime, destroying the electrical grid.

As C2C previously reported, a recent Congressional study prepared by former Rep. Bartlett stated that 90 percent of all Americans might be dead within a year following an EMP generated grid meltdown.

The federal government has finally introduced a bill, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, to toughen up the grid. But that may meet opposition, Fortschen warned, citing the last time a grid protection law was attempted it was killed by a lone Senator.

And, not only are we vulnerable from the unpredictable forces of the sun, but America's enemies are said to be plotting a major EMP attack that could be "100 times worse than 9/11," Fortschen told George.

Enemies with long range ICBM missiles could detonate a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere at key strategic locations, knocking out the grid with an EMP, Fortschen said. And a military response would be very slow to respond with "computerized planes falling from the skies," he said.

Fortschen urged the government or private sector e-commerce businesses to team up to help strengthen the grid's infrastructure from any attack.

"We should be really seriously working right now in getting our infrastructure prepared, building a better defense system against North Korean and Iranian ICBMs.”

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