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ESA Unveils Online Astronaut Test

ESA Unveils Online Astronaut Test

Aspiring astronauts have the chance to see if they have the 'right stuff' thanks to a test created by the European Space Agency.

ESA posted the test, which resembles a game of sorts, online for people to try out for themselves and help the agency refine the evaluation tool.

The test requires users to manipulate an object in three dimensions amidst a pitch black background, mimicking the challenges facing astronauts during a spacewalk.

Akin to an interstellar Tetris, the puzzle requires players to plan their steps ahead while trying to accomplish the movement with as little effort as possible.

Don't get too excited if you ace the test, since ESA says they are not looking for new astronauts, just users to help make sure the test works.

That said, the astronaut evaluation should provide a fine distraction from anyone wishing to escape work and dream of traveling amongst the stars.

You can try your hand at being a virtual astronaut here.

Source: Phys.Org

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