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Eerie Anomaly Photographed at 'Witch Temple'

A member of a ghost hunting tour at a series of subterranean chambers in Scotland photographed an unsettling anomaly in an area of the site purportedly used as a 'witch temple.'

The intriguing image was captured during an investigation by the organization Reality Haunted UK at Edinburgh's notorious Niddry Street Vaults over the weekend.

During the visit to the location, a member of the organization claims, a number of strange events took place, such as furniture moving on its own and 'something' throwing rocks at the group.

In the midst of this frenzy of potential paranormal activity, one of the tourists in the party took the puzzling photo of the 'witch temple.'

In the image of the ceremonial site, allegedly still used by witches performing rituals to this day, an eerie amorphous glow can be seen 'sitting' in a chair on the far right of the circle of seats.

According to one of the leaders of the tour, the person who captured the image immediately showed it to others in the group in order to quell any future suspicions that the photo was doctored.

Skeptics, of course, will likely dismiss the image as merely a photographic anomaly which is made to appear creepy due to the setting and preconceived notions of ghost said to lurk at the location.

However, members of the group who were touring the site that night believe that the photo captures a rare moment of 'spirit manifestation.'

Check out the ambiguous image and share your thoughts on it with us at our Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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