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Eerie 'Emergency Alert' Airs in CA

Several TV viewers in Southern California were shaken on Thursday when a chilling emergency message interrupted programming to warn about the end of the world.

The weird alert happened around 11 AM and flashed across the screens of numerous TV watchers in the Orange County area.

Fortunately, a few of the at-home witnesses were able to capture the event via their cell phones, lest one suspect that the incident was an urban legend conjured by the hysteria surrounding September 23rd.

In footage of the broadcast, a man can he heard declaring, "realize this: that in the last days, extremely violent times will come."

Those were 'lucky' enough to catch the unexpected message soon took to social media to wonder what exactly they had just heard.

What makes the incident particularly strange is it occurred on two different cable systems, which seems to suggest that it was not merely the work of a rogue employee at one particular company.

Based on statements from the cable providers, it would appear that the message was due to some kind of technical glitch which took place during what should have been a standard emergency broadcast test.

That said, the companies can't quite explain who initiated the emergency broadcast nor how exactly an end of the world warning wound up being part of it.

To that end, the conspicuous timing of the message just days before what is being trumpeted as an apocalyptic event raises suspicions that some kind of chicanery was involved in the event.

Ironically, that would probably be the preferable scenario, since the idea that the end of the world message was simply the result of a series of coincidences might give one pause to wonder if it really was an apocalyptic warning initiated from the 'other side.'

Source: OC Register

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