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Eerie 'Ghost' Video Upsets City

An unsettling piece of footage purportedly captured by security guards at a building in Brazil could turn local officials into impromptu ghost hunters.

The eerie video appeared online earlier this week and was billed as paranormal activity taking place at a Brazilian morgue.

Worthy of a horror film, the footage shows the guards' perspective as they watch the metal door of a fire extinguisher case slamming violently over and over again as the lights above flicker in haunting fashion.

When they eventually reach the weird scene, they are plunged into darkness and, presumably, quite terrified as the video ends.

While the footage is considerably disconcerting, what makes this ghost video stand out among the rest may be the story that has unfolded since it became somewhat of a viral sensation on Monday.

Despite the initial posting claiming that the incident took place at a morgue, it was somehow determined that it actually happened at a children's care center in the city of Araucaria.

And now local authorities would like to know what exactly happened with the security guards and have launched an official investigation into the video.

Whether the newly-formed Araucaria ghost busters, presumably consisting of local politicians, will be able to get to the bottom of the odd occurrence remains to be seen, but someone needs to film it because this has reality show written all over it.

Source: Crave / Estadao

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