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Eerie 'Mystery Noise' Recorded by Witness

Unlike many mystery sound cases which seem to rely only on witness recollection, a recent event in the UK was recorded by a man who managed to capture the noise using his cell phone.

Joao Caetano, who resides in the city of Plymouth, noticed the eerie sound while out walking with his wife and, thankfully, was astute enough to record the moment for all to hear.

In the video, a distinct and haunting wail almost reminiscent of an undersea creature's call can be heard amidst the ambient sounds of the city.

For those who live in Plymouth, the recording may sound somewhat more ominous as the city has long been plagued by a mystery 'hum' that was said to have been maddening to those who heard it.

A subsequent study concluded that the source of the hum was a distinct pitch created by oceanic conditions that only a mere 2 percent of the population can hear.

Whether this latest incident serves to cast doubt on that determination or if it was just a singular, albeit strange, event remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, it's a refreshing instance of the mystery noise phenomenon possibly taking place, since one can actually hear the sound for themselves rather than being forced to use their imagination.

Ironically, though, much like your average blurry Bigfoot photo, it doesn't quite do much to solve the mystery and, in a funny way, it almost makes it worse because now we've got the noise stuck in our head.

Source: Plymouth Herald

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