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Eerie 'Turkey Circle' Caught on Film

A driver in Massachusetts was left dumbfounded when he spotted a flock of wild turkeys eerily circling the body of a dead cat!

Jonathan Davis filmed the bizarre scene in the town of Randolph on Thursday and posted it to his Twitter feed joking that the turkeys were trying to give the cat its 10th life.

As one might expect, the creepy video of the 'turkey witchcraft' subsequently went viral with amazed viewers offering various suggestions for what the creatures were doing.

Fortunately for anyone who enjoys Thanksgiving, the turkeys were probably not practicing a bird-based form of black magic.

A wildlife official in Massachusetts named David Scarpitti explained that cats are natural enemies of turkeys and, therefore, the curious creatures were likely trying to figure out what the feline was doing in the road.

The spooky circular motion around the downed cat, he said, could have been caused by one turkey performing the motion and then all of the others falling into line behind it, which is the typical way that the birds travel.

Nonetheless, the Scarpitti marveled neither he nor any of his colleagues had ever seen such a thing in all their years on the job.

Let's all hope that his analysis of the event is accurate and be thankful that it didn't take place in Salem, since then we might really have something to worry about.

Source: Boston.com

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