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Elephant Herd Stares Down Tourists

A safari group visiting a game reserve in South Africa were likely feeling vastly outnumbered when they encountered a herd of unfriendly elephants that seemingly challenged them to a showdown.

Although it initially appeared as if the gathering was simply crossing the road in front of them, things soon took a worrisome turn for the tourists.

Despite reassurances from the safari guide that they were safe, the vacationers were no doubt wondering if they should have gone to Disney World instead as the herd turned its attention towards their van.

In a remarkable display, the pugnacious pachyderms took turns charging towards the vehicle as if to warn the tourists not to go any further.

The monstrous creatures then circled around the baby elephants in their herd while kicking up dust with their trunks during a rather tense stare down with the tourist group.

Fortunately, it would appear that cooler heads prevailed among the elephants as they appear to grow bored with the confrontation when they realized that their calves were not in any danger.

Source: Caters

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