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Epic Giraffe Battle Caught on Film

A safari group in South Africa could not believe their eyes when they came upon a pair of giraffes engaged in an epic showdown.

According to one of the tour guides, they knew something was amiss when they spotted the creatures jostling each other in a way that looked more predatory than playful.

Their suspicions proved correct as the tall titans suddenly began fighting in an amazing fashion befitting the unique creatures' appearance.

Captured on video by the amazed witnesses, the giraffes can be seen smashing each other with their enormous necks and attempting to trip their adversary by whacking at its lengthy legs.

Incredibly, the group could actually hear the weaponized necks as they giraffes smashed each other from over 300 feet away.

The guides speculated that the fight was spawned by the presence of a nearby female giraffe that the two creatures both sought.

So, once again, the power of love proves its ability to make even the most gentlest of creatures a little bit crazy.

Source: Daily Mail

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