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Epic Tarantula Hunt Has Ironic Ending

Epic Tarantula Hunt Has Ironic Ending

One man's decade-long search for a rumored new species of tarantula came to a comical conclusion when the sought-after creature simply fell on the ground in front of him during an expedition in Borneo.

Spider enthusiast Mark Pennell spent over $45,000 traveling around the world seeking the exotic arachnid.

But it was sheer happenstance that led to his quest coming to a satisfying ending.

While taking a leisurely stroll through a jungle in Borneo the day before he planned to search again for the creature, Pennell heard a buzzing sound and then a thud on the ground.

Looking down, he spotted a massive wasp clutching a very large tarantula.

After extricating the spider from its captor, Pennell was stunned to realize that the elusive spider he had sought for so long had just landed at his feet.

Wildlife experts later confirmed the new species of tarantula, making it the first such discovery in over 100 years.

If only Bigfoot hunters could be so lucky.

Source: The Mirror

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