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Escaped Tiger Terrifies Italian Town

Residents of the Italian town of Monreale were fearing for their lives over the weekend after a massive Bengal tiger was spotted roaming the streets!

The monstrous feline had managed to escape from a traveling circus that was visiting the town.

Clearly relishing the taste of freedom, the tiger known as 'Oscar' found little resistance as it explored the main streets and back roads Monreale.

Upon learning of the tiger's antics, police were dispatched and shut a local highway as well as ordered denizens of the area to shelter in place.

Fortunately, authorities were able to put an end to Oscar's adventure without incident by building a makeshift cage around the animal and coaxing it into custody.

The chilling scene could be an eerie precursor of what's to come this summer when the legendary Barnum and Bailey circus shuts down and subsequently releases a wave of unemployed clowns into the wild.

Source: RT.com

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